Sunday, July 7, 2019

Racing at the Oval in Cedar Rapids - This Tuesday 
 Can you race with this guy
Tuesday - July 9th

Monday, March 4, 2019

fat bike birkie  wish I were there great video of the start last year

Friday, February 8, 2019


Couple of years ago Kathleen Porter and I went to the Fat Bike Champs in Ogden Utah
Good times in the snow representing The Twisted Spokes and both made the Podium

Monday, February 4, 2019

         Fat Bike night race at Tennessee Pass
         Fat Bike Race at Tennessee Pass night race

 Glad I went over - or is it up to Leadville for this fun event. Larry Gruel had a last minute conflict with a college visit for his youngest child and he made arrangements for me to stay at Ty and Roxane’s place - I know these people, and they have always been very hospitable and friendly, but I did have reservations of joining them without Larry - their friend. You know - friend of a friend thing.
Anyway, I went partially because of these arrangements that were made on my behalf. And I love the outstanding trails at their Nordic Center and the work that the Cloud City Wheeler's and that of the fine bike shop Cycles of Life

Got there in plenty of time and registered and did a preride of most of the course - lots of snow and well groomed. 150 racers lined and I felt like i was in a good position - about 1/3 of the way back from the front and felt good.
In the first 200 yards there was a tight bottleneck and I got forced off the groomed into waist high snow. It was hard to get out of the snow and difficult to get back in the rush of bikers going by. Things evened out, but with all the riders the packed groomed snow was deteriorating and there were many new soft spots developing. But I felt good and the bike was performing just like it always does. At mile 7 I came around a corner on a downhill and there were bikers off their bikes all over the place in the soft chewed up snow and I almost made it around them at high speeds, but ran into a girl who move into my line as she was trying to get up and back in the race. I was able to shake off the impact on the body and the bike seemed OK as well. But that was the end of the "good times”.   The rest of the race ended up being a 5 CO2 cartridge effort - I'd only got a couple of minutes out of each cartridge and most of the last two miles I was on negative air pressure and walking the bike. That's bike racing, you know I have never had any problems with this great bike. I did have two co2 with me and generous racers gave me the other 3. I ended up very near the end of the pack. But a good race and one to remember.
And I had another issue. Hung out with the after party and Ty let me know that the bed was ready for me - Roxane would probably be in bed after her long day - she had competed in a big triathlon in the afternoon as well as the night race. When I knocked on their door there was no answer so I helped myself in and there was Roxane at the top on the stairs in her pajamas and me with my bag in hand and she said - are you staying here... Love those awkward situations.

Worked out fine and we had a good morning with coffee and conversation. She sure has a long and interesting history of racing - both of them do. Probably passing on Worlds next weekend. No arrangements

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

 Spent a couple hours on the fat bike up in the Coal Basin.
The old road wasn't very well groomed, but it was a great time in the high mountains.