Friday, May 23, 2008

Hill Repeats & Thurs. night ride. First Ever "L Ride"

I was home relaxing ( had a day off from school) and had just poured a cup of coffee when I heard someone knock at my door. It was Kat saying they they were doing a few hill repeats. I poured my coffee back into the coffee pot and grabbed my camera.Pete is heading up through the tree tunnel.
Screaming downhill.
This really doesn't capture Steve's speed. Unless you want one red blur.
Kat, John, Steve and Pete turn out a nice paceline.

Riding around the top after 20 climbs to the top.

Later that night...
Brent checks out my bike. Thanks Brent.
Mary on her first "L" ride. I guess its is the first ride that is called the "L" ride.
"L" is for Ladies unless a gentleman is present. Then it is called a Low Key ride>
We rode the bike trail and passed by a ball park.
I had to stop by and see this fine new umpire!
All is well.
Checking for damage after being run off the road by an inconsiderate guy who never even stopped to ask if everyone was alright.

When you take your camera on a ride be faster than me getting it out than me. Maybe you can take pictures of people who run others off the road.

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  1. Looking good all around - training and the all important "L" Ladies (and others welcome) ride.

    Thanks for the pictures Kim,