Thursday, May 8, 2008

Spring TT #3

A nice typical windy Spring TT for Kat and teammates Karen from IA Cty and Carey representing the BTR Women for the event. The close to 20+mph cross-wind from the north with a hint of east influence made for a fast ride out and a bit more effort back. Not a big turn out but nice to see Tom K , Jeff K, Kevin, Ralph, Capt. Bob, Craig, Carey, Chris H? and some others I missed. The "marked" man was there as well and didn't disappoint - Way to go Mike - fastest time of the night... again.
Yeah for Ralph - coming out and making the effort - way to ride.
Loyal BTR supporters and official photographer - Kim and Elizabeth (EJ who had a 4:55 1 mile tt ride for the night - great job!!)
The results announcements by Mr. Dave Burman (thanks for helping). BTR jerseys abound - Carey, Karen, Craig, Captain Bob, Kat and Mike's aero helmet .The women of the BTR team - way to represent ladies!

Heading back into town - Kat with Carey and Karen over the shoulder shot - I've still got it. There is one more TT to throw down next week - same time 6:30 first rider off and same place - intersection of 27th St. and Union Road in CF. Come on out and join in - go for the "marked" man! Someone has got to stop him!

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  1. Nice report and pictures. Kat, I don't know if we could even stop him on the tandem. But for a stop at Burger King I could get Tony K out for a try.