Thursday, July 24, 2008


Paul Meyermann climbing the Colesburg Hills. Photo from Kat Porter

Last Sat some of my friends decided to take a test to see if we were ready or nearly ready for the Leadville Trail 100. All thur the Spring and Summer we have been training long and hard - hoping we were on track for the Aug 9th Epic Mt Bike Race.
Without any mountains to workout on there are always question and reservation about conditioning. We've done speed workouts, group rides, raced and many 60-100 mile gravel rides. But still the question - are we ready?
For years many of us have traveled east to race at Colesburg on Labor Day in preparation for the Chequamegon. The Free Flight team has this very challenging 40 mile hilly gravel course in NE Ia that can bring you right down to your knees way before the finish line. Tears have been shed. So, Kat, Mike, Paul and I decided to take a test. With the help of Chris C. and Pete B. we thought 2 laps - 80 miles - of Colesburg would tell us just how ready we are for the LT 100. I'm always up for a good long hard workout - but I had some serious reservations about the test. What if we didn't pass - what in hell are you going to do with that little piece of negative information? It is way too late change or add to your regimen. Rather than helping with our LT 100 preparation The Colesburg 80 could defeat us before we stepped up to the line in Leadville.
Well - the gravel was in decent shape, and with nearly perfect weather we took off in two groups. For companionship and safety we all made commitments to stay with our group. We estimated 6-8 hours of riding on the serious grinders and screaming downhills. We wanted a good workout, but it was important for us to stay within ourselves.
I'm happy to report that our nutrition, hydration, bikes, legs and spirits - all passed with flying colors. Good information to take to Leadville with us. Are we ready? Are we fully prepared? - I doubt it. It is a long hard race and anything can happen. Are we ready? BRING IT ON!!!!


  1. Nice job folks! Proud of you all. Good luck in your ventures.

  2. John,

    Great write up and yes - A great test it was and one that needed to be taken. We move forward - Thanks to you and the team for the stellar support for this Kat's journey to LT100.

    Mike and John gave Pete some hurt, Chris graciously guided Paul and KAT through the course for lap 1 and Paul - what an Energizer Bunny - thanks for riding with me on Lap 2.

    On ward - bring it on absolutely,


  3. sweet! i have to echo the cap'ns comments.... i'm proud of you guys. good work!