Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Leadville Trail 100 Mt Bike Race



Along time ago Troy M, Rob H, Josh S an Jeff S came back from racing the Leadville Trail 100 Mt Bike Race with epic tales of adventure, endurance and good times. I was thrilled and hooked hearing the first story.

The race was conceived by a fast talking, out of work miner who wanted to add another event to his very successful 100 mile foot race. The director, Ken Clouber, has provided ultra athletes and excellent - very high altitude venue and has given the small struggling mining town a serious shot in the financial arm.

So, a small band of us – inspired by some of our old mate have traveled to Leadville Co. for the last 10 years. This year we have 5 racer – Mike Johnson, Doug Keiser, Kathleen Porter, Paul Meyermann and myself - and support and good times are going to be provided by our veteran crew of Chris Congdon, Amy Sweetness Jardon, Bill Allen and new to our crew are members of the Kim Pierce family.


I’ve been obsessed, gripped, drawn, compelled, absorb …. with this for 11 years. This year I could complete my 10th race – one year I crewed for Chris Congdon – and 10 is kind of a milestone and receives some special recognition. How could I pass up the plate size belt buckle?

And then there is my training partner – Kat. I consider her to be the most willing and adventurous bike racer that I’ve ever worked with. One day last year she said what do you think? And before I could offer any encouragement or reservations – she was going to Leadville. Sharing the LT 100 training, preparations, racing and hanging out with Kathleen has been a real pleasure and inspiration for me. So, why am I going back to the Leadville Trail 100 – I don’t really know. I just go.

Maybe my partners in this adventure can explain it.

John Adamson

Don’t let this epic story of our trip to Columbine and back keep you regulars from posting on this blog - and we look forward to your comments.


  1. It was my sister Kim who said that I should go to Leadville - go with a pro - a master - he's going for #10. This is the year - nothing else to consider. Thanks Kim and thanks to you John - what kind words and outstanding support. Also thanks to the rest of the Leadville team keeping me on task - Mike and Paul - what programs you are on and Doug - what a talent. What a journey. 23 days 9 hrs 38 min.


  2. Good luck with the rest of your training over the next 23 days to all you Iowa Leadville crazy cats.

  3. This will be my 6th or 7th year in the FABulous town of PBville and I can't wait for that Rocky Mountain High, the fresh air, the shopping in the antique stores, the FABulous authentic Mexican food, the beautifully decorated church, the. . . Well, it's a fabulous town and a small town and everyone is perfectly pleasant because they know their ability to profit depends upon tourists like us who love the fresh air, the shopping, oh, you get the picture ;-)