Thursday, August 21, 2008


Here he is - the fastest guy of the night kicking off the Fall 2008 TT series. Mike Johnson turned in a 24:14 under really nice conditions - the headwind died down just enough to not be too much of an issue. Good job Mike - way to be the guy to beat!

A great turnout for the first of 4 TT's held at the intersection of Union Road and W 27th street in West of the UNIDome in CF. The next three weeks on Wednesday night - the 10 mile TT takes place with first rider off at 6:30. An out and back course - $1.00 fee ($5 more if a first timer). For more information visit here. A full list of results can be found there in the near future as well.

A good mix of racers from the area with BikeTech represented by Chris C, Paul M, Kat, Kim and EJ, Jeff Klein, Solveig, Denny O and Ralph (from Charles City?) - regulars - Rob S Tom and Tad K, some SS guys and new guys. Nice to see everyone out for the night.

Jeff Klein, Tom Klenski, Paul Meyereman and Kat chilling' out before the line up. Kat sporting her new TT helmet - anything helps.
Ready to Roll - The Line up - Oh yes - Sweet Amy there - her first TT ever - way to go - crossing the finish line to Cheers for this Cheerleader!

Thanks to Lisa Klense, Dave Burman, Kevin Waters and of course Russ Clark for volunteering and putting this together - it wouldn't happen without you good folks!
Paul waiting for take off with Solveig on Deck. Mike is contemplating his being hunted.

Some good times by all - see you next week.


  1. What a PERFECT night for a TT! The wind was calm, the temp/humidity was perfect.

  2. What a great night. Nothing like riding with a big target on your back. Huh wonder if there is a skinsuit with a target on it.

    Great job to everyone. Good to see Cheerleader out there ridin' the bike.