Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Weeks Ago - Leadville: Only 49 Weeks and 5 Days till Leadville

Better late than never. Now that school has started I have the time to take a look at my collection of Leadville pictures of our racers.

I decided that I don't have too many pictures of the race because that is not a good race to take pictures. I am looking to cross season!

So here is a few prerace, race and a couple post race pictures.
- from one of the crew.

Jan 6
I'm in!

Where? Leadville, Colorado!

(There was a BUNCH of training between January 6th and August 9th)

August 1
John is open minded and trying out a different type bike.
Sturdy, with good carrying capacity,
not too girlie of a a color.
(He rode? it down from the 4th floor
since the elevator was out)

August 2
There is still planning and stats to crunch before the big day.

Mike is doing the crunching.
I never knew there was so much to crunch.

August 4
Doug shows us how not to end up. And no one got hurt!

The joy of the ride.

August 5The happiness of a beautiful plate.

August 6
More pre-race hashing.

A recon ride.

Saturday, August 9. The Big Day.

Kathleen goes by in a flash.
The only Bike Techer I saw.

The crew is ready.

This guy looks very familiar!

Action at the first stop.

Connie- flying in by the dam.

Way to go John.

Photo finish.
We are proud of all Doug, Mike, John, Kathleen, and Paul.
(I only got pictures of Paul's finish)

Sunday, August 10, 2008
Congratulations John!! 1,ooo miles of Leadville.
Next year...the jacket.
Perhaps better pictures too!

Connie is rewarded for her great finish.
She showed me the goods. Pretty cool, I'd say.

It was quite a race. I am happy I saw Lance a couple times!
Till cross season,
More on Leadville on my other blogs.


  1. Great photos. I missed seeing so many of our group come through the aid stations as I left after Mike came through. I can't believe that first photo was in January, it seems like it was just a few weeks ago!

  2. awesome pics! sounds like everyone had a great time!