Sunday, June 14, 2009

TTT 15 Teams and 16 Photos

It was a great day for a race-- not too hot, almost no wind.
I think my daughter got photos of all of the teams so here they
are, with a few comments. A big thanks to everyone who participated
in this event. Especially the volunteers marshaling corners, registering
teams, driving sag, and helping with all of the detailing that need to
happen to make a racelike this a success!
These guys started 2 minutes behind us and flew pasted us right
after we got around the first corner! Wow were they ever burning
up the road today!

There were 7 DMOS teams!! it looked like a parade when they
pulled into the parking lot

Robert, John, Kat, and Carey powering through corner 4

These ICCC guys must have went around the corner so fast that my daughter could not get them in the same photo

These Rasmussen guys look like they have done this before

Mike leading his team through corner 4. Rumor has it
that they raced a horse and buggy for a portion of the course,
not sure who won?

Chris, Craig, Tim, and Paul--the third Bike Tech team
Landon, Richard, and me (Scott) the bike tech team
that was assembled about 20 minutes before the race started :-)


  1. Nice Pictures Scott.

    Great riding and thanks for all your help.

    The horse and buggy won until we hit that uphill.

  2. Scott - very nice. Thank you daughter and the entire family for coming down and giving so much support. They do a very good job.
    Right, we can't thank the volunteers enough - we sure have a lot of fine folks who help us with all 4 of our events.

  3. Fabulous photos and great commentary! Wonderful day for a race of any sort.

  4. It was a great day for a bike ride which turned into a race. It was fun riding with you. The medal was a bonus.

  5. Very nice - thank you for everything. Glad you got to race - I know you wanted to and opportunity knocks! So there you go and a medal at that. Glad Kevin had his helmet!

    Train on - Sure you can't come to the mtns for at least a couple of days?