Tuesday, September 1, 2009

East Village Crit Racing

Great racing in the Capitol area of Des Moines
Good fields
Kat raced hard and ended up in the money in a strong field of 4's

Old Guys
Landon Beachey, Richarad Gilmore and John Adamson
The big Cat 5's race.
There were over 80 racers in this beginners event
Racing has a future with this kind of turn out

Kat in front of the Capitol

Racing up a very steep hill
Styling Lee "socks" V.
The First Lady of Richard Gilmore's life
New friend and hopefully new member
Strong Man Mark
Pink Lady Dee
Kat's family
Kim and Elizabeth
We missed the 4's race where
Mike Johnson, Kevin Temple and our friend Carl Buchanan
had good racing and results.


  1. sweet pics! sounds like a great day of racing down in dsm! :)

  2. Thanks, Your Blueness. Sorry we missed you and the family. Sounds like Carl had a very interesting and good race.