Monday, September 28, 2009

Iowa X- Season Starts!

A group of BikeTech folks decided to race the Sunday Capital City Cross races - the 2nd day of the Sheels CICS series. Arrived just in time to see Steve Bullerman deep into racing his way to a 2nd place finish in the 35+ race. Add that to his great racing on Saturday - with a 3rd place finish he is well on his way starting off the X-season in good standing.
And Our good friend - Scott D. was hard at work at the same time holding off the pack for a 7th place finish in the Masters 45+ field. Well done - the Plan is working - intermediate indeed.
And who do we see here - in the Masters 45+ field but our great BT racer - Blue who was having the greatest time digging deep after racing Saturday - which it was said - was a hard race with a more challenging course. Way to keep it going Blue! Thanks to you and Judy for cheering the BT crew on!
Regrouping with Blue giving pointers to Paul M - a first time X racer with Scott in recovery mode. Many of these pictures are courtsey of Scott taking pictures with Kat's camera - thanks for the great shots AND for changing Kat's Flat tire!! What a friend and training partner.

Kat was looking to keep to the training plan and needed 2+ hours of race effort and so decided to race the C4 Men's as a warm up to the Women's races. In the mix heading into the barriers which started with a downhill approach and lead to the up hill with the run up following. Not too steep but had to run clear to the top before re-mounting the bike. Then it was around the tennis courts and into a roller downhill section heading to the sand pit.
Here is Paul digging his way through the sand pit. Too deep to ride - I don't think anyone rode it but not sure -most of us had to run it - that led to a short up hill section with a sharp right turn. This was a headwind section and so it was good to find a wheel right there.

Paul in great form going over the only set of barriers on the course (Thank You). He did a spectacular job of racing - First Timer - put it all out there. Keeping the fitness going!

And how about our other Newbie - Robert Fry - racing his First X-race - coming over the barriers. Reflection in his words - I think - "it was hard." Robert coming around the downhill left hand turn heading into a sloping uphill climb towards the start/finish line. Coming into this turn - the course was a fast downhill with some big roots sticking up - had to watch your line getting ready for the climb. Robert and Paul finished with a strong 35th and 36th place - kept the pace on! Well done! These guys will be back for more.Kat finished the Men's C4 race on a flat front tire - which happened thankfully at the near end of the last lap - hit those tree roots rounding the left hand turn on the downhill. Did the climb on the flat and gingerly crossed the finish line for 31st - lost a few places - but a great warm up for the Women's 4 race. Lined up with 12 W4s- And they are off - Kat with Carey Fry in hot pursuit.

Yeah!! Karmen - our gal Karmen showed up for the races - on her full suspension Mtn bike - the only one I think and finshed in fine style! Woohoo - way to put it out there! Ride Free!! Here she is coming up from the sand pit around the tight 180 heading to a downhill section.
Carey rounding the corner with her support crew in the background - Robert with Sally and Graham cheering her on. Excellent racing for Carey with a 6th place finish.

Kat duked it out with First Time X racer Cindy Dubois from DMOS - we took the lead in the W4s and never looked back. As this was Kat's 2nd race of the day - didn't know what to expect - but felt really good out there. Kept the pressure on Cindy to work it a bit. Started to work together and finished the race strong - Cindy had some sprint left in her and finish just ahead of Kat. Full Result here - sort of - put on your reading glasses.

A great race and a road friendly course which was good for this Kat - got 2+ hours of race pace in. Thanks to Paul Varnum and folks for kicking off the Scheels CICS series. Will try to get to some more of these. Good luck to Robert and Carey who will represent BikeTech at the Dirty Wooden Shoe race in Pella which is in the series this Saturday.

Race on!



  1. Hey Kat! Thanks for putting together such a fine write-up. There were really alot of us there!
    Don't know if more cyclocross is on the agenda for me, but I think I could get into it. Mountain biking is still my first love though :o)

  2. talk about a good time! what a great weekend and good to see so many bike tech folk out there! woohoo!