Monday, September 21, 2009


Bill Allen getting ready for the
Bill raced the 40 mile race
Karmen and Kat
they are getting ready too -
to preride the Short and Fat 16 mile race

John struggling to get ready for the preride
Bill and Jenny standing back
Bikes are ready for the Cheq 40
up to four hours before the event starts
Someone might be ready for the trip from Hayward to Cable Wisc.
In the beautiful woods of the Chequamegon National Forrest
Some of the race is run on the famous American Birkenbinder Ski trail -
a 25-40 foot patch of grass that meanders thur the woods
Bill and some of his new best friends are ready to go
Lots of fire road racing
The race has been called a road race in the woods
I must say - that's why I participate.
Draft lines in the dirt
One angle of the finish area
and a friend from Mason City sprinting for it.
Rounding the final corner into the finish line

With 2500 racers
there is always someone to sprint with
Bill finished
still happy after a personal record of twice as many leg cramps as ever before.
Always smiling and loving the race.
Picture by support guy Paul Meyermann
The Short Race results for our Bike Techers.
Karmen Woebler took off nearly 10 minutes off her Pr and finished in the middle of the women and the overall
Kathleen Porter finished on the podium improving her PR by nearly 2 minutes
Kat was 123rd in the overall
6th in the 200 some women group
3 in her age group
John Adamson
also got a new PR
26 place out of the 800 total racers
and 1 place out of some 35 racers in the 60+ Cat

A very good time by all.
Hoping for more Fat Tire Racers in 2010


  1. Thanks for the great post John.
    What a great time it was this weekend. So fun to participate in this event and hang out with all of you. Hoping for fun times again next year.

  2. Yes indeed, Karmen. And we should be able to find some pictures of our event - I'll look.

  3. Bike Tech, you guys and gals ROCK! That looks like such sweet misery, I would love to somehow get up there some year. Good work.

  4. Way to make it happen guys! Awesome.