Monday, October 26, 2009

A Great Day in Bettendorf

There were 9 of us from Bike Tech at the 2009 Psyclofest race in Bettendorf. It was a fine course and a great day of racing. Steve Bullerman took first in the 30+ race, and Landon Beachy and John Adamson took first and second respectively in the 50+ race. The rest of us finished!
Paul, Mark, and Kathleen at the start of the cat 4 race.

The course started off wet at dried to sorta wet by the time the last race at 1:30 started. There was a soggy 360 degree turn right out from the start that took down Paul and Kathleen at the beginning of the cat 4 race but they were back up quickly and chasing the pack.

Kathleen and Paul coming out of the soggy 360 at the start of the cat 4 race.

I pulled a calf muscle this week in training so I was going over the barriers cautiously but Mark and Kathleen were looking nice and smooth!

After the barriers there was a sweet down hill with a fast off camber turn the had a nice straw bail leaning against the tree you would hit if you lost control. Fortunately it looked like no one needed it. After that was another soggy area and a long climb before a long down hill with a couple of rather technical turns. Right at the end there was a major "run" up which was so steep and muddy it left most of us walking, on either side there was a nice planting of burrs just waiting to attach themselves for the rest of the race.
Paul coming up through the burrs.


  1. Scott - Nice posting and great racing. But what about that race goal of yours?
    That was a very hard day of racing with the wet and rather soft conditions. Usually that is one of the fastest - most fun course on the schedule.

  2. awesome race! great pics! can you say FUN?