Saturday, October 24, 2009

PBville 100 mountain bike race--the movie.

RACE ACROSS THE SKY in Theaters near you! Oh wait, it was a one night special only.

Fabulous turnout from past racers and crew (and more who were there in spirit, but commitments kept them away).

Almost show time.

A few minute before show time, part of the theater. A good healthy crowd was gathered for the viewing, including one gent. in front of this writer who was from Buena Vista (not Iowa).

Rob is so excited and Caroline is showing off the elevation on the back of her sweatshirt ;-)

Racers and crew --some new to the Leadville experience this year, some who have been there year, after year, after year, after year, after year, after year!
L-R Laura Jardon (crew), Amy Jardon (crew), Mike Johnson (5 finishes), Joe (1 finish), Jim Reidy (entertaining crew!), John Adamson (10finishes), Paul Meyerman (1 finish), Shari King (crew goddess), Kim Pierece (crew), Jenny Adamson (crew), Kathleen Porter (2 starts), Caroline Keiser (crew), Doug Keiser (2 finishes)
Who can forget the year of the pink rental house when, during the race at Twin Lakes, Jim was shouting encouragement in the form of " Go Tom, Go Dick, Go Harry" and there actually was a Tom, Dick, or Harry he encouraged!
Or the year of hypothermia, with the most racers not finishing the race due to weather (2000).
Or the year when Mike and John finished hand clasped up the hill and across the finish line (last year).
Or the year that Doug finished after having crashed, with no memory of said crash, with blood knees and more (this year).
Or the year Shari crewed for Chris C and John --carrying both backpacks to Pipeline and Twin Lakes.
Or the year Shari and I got to the Pipeline aid station "Late" and had to park at the entrance to the parking lot (a long jaunt at that elevation!)
Or the year Cheerleader got to talk to Dave Wiens and get his autograph (this year); what a friendly, gracious man.


  1. Wish I could have been there with you all. We did have a nice group in Iowa City. Sounds like there may be one more showing in Nov for those who didn't make it this time.
    Almost makes me want to do it again, almost.

  2. Just almost?

    I want to go back--of course, crewing is hard work and makes for a long day, but the excitement of being on that street before the race, and the tension at the end of the 12 hours is just--well, no words describe that feeling, except when you're waiting at 11:30, 11:45, 11:50 for your racer to come in. THen it's nailbiting.

  3. Fun Hogs! Especially that one guy, I mean ten times?! Must be nice.