Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mission Accomplished

The Plan called for 5 hrs in the saddle for Sunday - but since today was warmer and less windy - Very little wind - opted to swap workouts -Sunday on Saturday - zone 3 work - keeping it easy - building base. A couple of friends - Paul and Scott B. helped me out - thanks to both of you - it was great! West to Hwy 14th - south to the BP - then Dike, Zaneta and Hudson and back to CF.

No Pork Products were harmed in the process. More long rides in the future - building base - join in - for some or all. Or If You have a long session or even a short session in your plan - let us know if you want company.



  1. Wow, I hope it was warmer when you were out. I got 2 hours on the 29er and had very cold toes and fingers. No wonder, because it was 24 degrees when I looked at the temp.

  2. Good job guys - those early base miles are really going to pay off when it come to building speed and power. Hopew to join the next long ride.