Monday, March 29, 2010

Kent Park

The Season Opener KENT PARK is in the books.
Richard and Mark are getting ready and talkin strategy for the big day.
With great weather and one of the outstanding courses
over 130 racers showed up.
Kent Park uses a "mass start"
But each Cat is sent off with about a two minute interval.
Impossible to determine the overall results.
But it is great racing just the same.

Climbing a very difficult hill.
25 women made up a huge cat
The old guys on the hill
Richard and Landon - behind Doc -and I'm in there some place.
After the race.
I lost my chain on one of the longest and steepest hills
and immediately lost my group of old guys.
While I got things back together -
I was able to get on with Mark and the lead group of Cat 4's
What great fun to be able to work with Mark and help him to 2nd place in the big 4's group

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  1. What a great race! Thanks to John for the pull and encouragement on the last lap!