Sunday, April 11, 2010

Signs of spring

Mountain Bike racing at Sylvan Island
Road racing at Scott County Park, Cody 2 but no pictures
Watched some Hawkeye rowing at Lake McBride
Saw the first tulips and daffodils


  1. How did you do in the Sylvan race?
    All I can say - Spring sure is a great thing.

  2. Great pictures Landon and Glad you made it to All the races over the week-end - well done! Very interested to know how Sylvan went. Need to get on the Mtn Bike soon.

    What about Cheq?


  3. Kat,
    I did a race report for my blog so you can check it out.
    Wish I had some pictures that I could put with it, so I didn't put it on the Twisted Spokes blog.
    I'm too late for Cheq 40 but am thinking Ore to Shore again.
    We'll be at the Camp Ingawanis race in 4 weeks.