Saturday, July 10, 2010


The line up before the race starts
Getting our instructions from official Rick Paulus
See Chuck Landau warming up for his first go at the Oval
Chuck was having a very good time and racing strong.
Our good friend and dependable teammate Scott Duffus had some great racing too.
Talk about a photo finish in the Miss and Out
Check out Rick trying to decide who was the last racer across the line.
The sun sets on last race of the day
Landon Beachy - on the inside was the eventual overall winner of the B Group
Well Done Landon.
P.S. Well done to John too! 3rd place overall in the B Group!


  1. Well Twisted Spokes! A great event and workout. Thanks for the post John and congratulations to You on your 3rd Place Overall to Landon's 1st.

  2. The girls were really racing too. Kathleen and Karen finished 1st and 2nd of the 4 women and in the middle of the bunch - overall - with the men.