Thursday, August 19, 2010

Race report

Ore to Shore 2010
If you enjoy Chequemegon you would probable enjoy O2S. I like it better because it's warmer, not quite as big and a little more laid back till the cannon shot. After just missing the podium last year I was shooting for a top three.
3 hours 5 minutes 23 seconds later I felt like I gave it my best shot. What a thrill to find out it was good for second place in my age group.


  1. Outstanding, Landon. is there a link to the results? Did the Eppens come close to winning the overall with their tandem - they just won the a national championship on the road.
    Thanks for the report.

  2. and has all the info.
    Eppens finished 22nd overall, first tandem by 20+ minutes. I didn't talk to them afterwards so I don't know how their day went.

  3. WAY TO GO LANDON!!!!!
    I might look into that for next year.