Saturday, September 11, 2010


There was more than fun and games and smelling the wild flowers and enjoying the majestic views
Paul Meyermann and Mike Johnson
had some serious racing on their schedules

Paul and his new best friend
and hundreds (1550) of other possible friends
line up at the start for 104 miles of very hard racing

A few of the 1550 possible friends - chase group race leaders trying to reel in JHK speeding into Pipeline - the 1st aid station: in front Dave Wiens, Levi Leipheimer center and Todd Wells

And soon - here comes Mike speeding into the Pipeline Aid station - on pace and didn't need to stop.

Next up Paul racing into the Pipeline aid station - mile 29.
Getting Paul back in the race at the Twin Lakes aid station - having made it back down Columbine Climb - he was feeling the effects of racing for 8 hours so far.
Back at Pipeline aid station - Paul has been racing for 9+ hrs. Mike at the end of the race getting aid and support from his family and friends

Let the stories begin and bring on the chips
A very good day of racing in the mountains
with nothing left
thoughts of what should I do next year....
These guys and donkeys had a hard day too
OK burros


  1. Congratulations guys on a great race - a brutal beast of a race that is. Well done.

  2. So what was their time?
    I feel the pain!

  3. I'll let them give you the details - it is their story - and a good one at that. Both did well and both still have more to do in Leadville. We'll see if either go back???