Monday, October 25, 2010


Some pictures
from the Cedar Valley Cross Race

Headquarters for our event
The Cedar Falls Visitors Center
a fantastic facility
with race director Paul Meyermann
registrations - Judy Buchanan and Amy Jardon
and Landon talking to race official Brett Griggs

Cross Stars getting ready to race
Lee V Sue and Blue

A picture of much of the course
About 600 stakes and nearly two miles of caution tape
One of the best pictures ever taken of a cross race
from Kim
Look for it in Velonews?
More picture and thought to come in the next week


  1. It was a challenging and fun course. Hope you decide to do it again. That is a neat picture. Especially since it's one of the few time I was ahead of Mark. Ha.

  2. Nice job guys and gals, from the photos the course looked awesome. Look forward to more.

  3. My favorite course yet! Really enjoyed the team tatics with Landon. Great power course. Looking forward to next year.Way to go Twisted Spokes!