Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cross Training or enjoying the snow

Time to get the conditioning going with some major cross training.
Get on the Skis Twisted Spokes - where are the rest of you?!!
Enjoying the first significant snow of the year
Kat on her brand new skate skis
in George Wythe Park.
With John's invitation for the Twisted Spokes Teammates to get out and ski - Kat, Brian McInnis and John showed up and tackled the nicely groomed trails.
Pictures are from Brian's camera - nice to document the training run.

John has a lot of experience Skate Skiing - wonderful to see and get the glide. Kat is learning and welcoming the new addition to the workouts. Brian has the traditional diagonal skiing down and is up for learning to skate as well. Classic or Skate - Really excellent conditioning. Let the team know when and where any of you are going out and would like to have some company.

These ski outings are Core workouts as well - picking up one's body off the ground uses all the core to get up! Come on out and skate and ski with the Team - watch for the notices. Winter is officially upon us. The days grow longer soon along with more snow. Thanks for reading and leave a comment or two.

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  1. Looks like fun. Hardly recognized you all without a bike. Ha!