Monday, January 10, 2011


two of our many champions

The twisted Spokes did very well in the 2010 ROY competition. Rider of the Year could be a very good goal for any of our racers. Sometimes just showing up for action can earn a racer a lot of points. The points are earned by how each rider places in certain Iowa Races. We'll post more specific details about the points system.

Women Cat 4 (view full results here)
1. 430 pts – Kathleen Porter (Twisted Spokes Racing Team)
2. 160 pts – Josie Miller (DICE)
3. 116 pts – Darian Nagle-Gamm (Iowa City Cyclin

Masters 50+ (view full results here)
1. 376 pts – Landon Beachy (Twisted Spokes Racing Team)
2. 310 pts – Christopher Eastburn (Iowa City Cycling Club)
3. 186 pts – Daniel Shaffer (Iowa City Cycling Club)

Masters 60+ (view full results here)
1. 282 pts – John Adamson (Twisted Spokes Racing Team)
2. 198 pts – Richard Gilmore (Twisted Spokes Racing Team)
3. 108 pts – Paul Black (DMOS/RDMB Race Team)

Top three results for each category can be found at our new racing site. The full detailed results should be available soon.
More results here