Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Roller races are always an amazing test of fitness
and sometimes an opportunity for cookies, candy and pastries.
Jeff bradly
the owner of The Trek Store - where we raced
and one of Iowa's all time great bike racers
or one of the country's -
racing in Europe
with Lemond
can you say Tour de France
and much more.

Jeff and Paul Deninger racing with teammates Lou and Deb looking and cheering
This is Lou Waugaman
51 year old fast hard wild man racing for Velosport out of Davenport
Lou had the race of the day
the race of the year
actually, he had the fastest time ever recorded in history of Iowa Roller Racing
Lou took over two seconds off the record.
Katleen warming up
and warming up
and setting a PR for the year and a place on the podium
Cat 1,2 and 3 podium with
Lou, Chad Bishop and Jeff BradlyWe were racing for money
And we got plenty of cookies, candy and pastries
Final two roller events over the next two weeks are in Burlington and Ames

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  1. Such a fine post and pictures to match -thanks for the recap and what a day of racing for you. Well done. Come on out the rest of you folks who follow this Blog - the Season is Open. Get your race schedules finalized and join in the winter training. HOP TTH 5:30 - 7:00.