Thursday, April 21, 2011


After all the great riding it was time for a hike in the Arches Park
We drove into the park.
And checked out several of the amazing natural arches
And beautifulDoug and Brian enjoying the moment

John showing off his hopping style

Kathleen awed by the formations
And the final arch of the day couldn't be driven to
Doug assured us the three mile hike would be well worth the effort
Click on this picture and see the "little ants" crawling up the slick rock

Kat's happy with the journey
small oasis on the way to the final arch
Chris is ready for anything

The Delicate Arch is just around the corner
Our objective is to be at the arch at sunset for the best view.
The horizontal light at sunset is supposed to be very special
We turned the last corner before sunset and it was spectacular
And there were scores of hikers and photographers
waiting for the moment the sun dropped below the horizon
In the end the clouds blocked the sun
but still "special"Doug getting the photo op.

The entire crew
The return trip in the dark
with the biggest moon in decades
A truly great day and hike
Ready for our final ride in the Fruita area

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  1. Those are beautiful. I'm sure that the true size and beauty and magnificence just cannot be captured with the photos even.

    Thanks for all the postings about your trip!