Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Out of danger and into the THRILL

After a night of rest and something to eat
we went back for our bikes.
The daylight and colder temperatures made the going much easier than we expected.
We were able to walk on top of the now frozen snow
and the bikes were not that far into the snowfield

We took Friday off and continued
with the much needed rest of our very tired bodies.
But on Friday
traveled to the Gemini Bridges trail just out out of Moab
Basically a very long down hill jeep road
And, of course, there is always the mandatory map checking
With one spectacular natural bridge
We had the opportunity to ride with John Keiser
The view
And there was Brian Keiser too

Brian is a major rick taker
just like his dad Doug

An afternoon snooze

The road out of the area
With the high way below
And the final climb
A wonderful afternoon of riding with the whole group
With the promise of a spectacular sunset trip into the Park.
Stay tuned.

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