Wednesday, May 25, 2011


May 21
Mike Johnson and Rob Walters headed to the Northwoods
to race in the 2nd annual
Chequamegon 100 Mt Bike Race
This is a different type of race than what Mike has been training for and racing over the last two years
He has long/endurance/epic/tempo/hard racing down.
Cheq 100 gave him techincal single track for 100 miles.
A new and challenging effort
Mike always pays alot of attention to every detail of everything he does
Rob in his prep
Rob is one of the best technical racers in the area.
Very good to see him stepping it up this season. Rob was not sure of his training, but was looking forward to racing in the woods.

Mike at the 60 mile mark
taking a short break and resupplying from his drop bag
Mike had a mishap with his new Salsa
and lost all the tension on his chain.
His chain was practically dragging on the ground.
With many miles to go the chain picked up a stick and destroyed his rear derailleur.
After creating a single speed and hours of difficult single speeding
he finished with a very respectable time and place.
The finish line with Rob and Race Director Tim
The Salsa Crew recording the facts
Mike with an old friend - Bruce Nelson
at the host Lakewoods Resort.
Our crew
Whatever happened to this guy?
Rob sacrificed his day and race to help John out of a very difficult situation.
Thanks - Rob
What a friend!
For complete results and other information
check HERE


  1. Technical rider? Not sure about that and not so much the older I get. I hate falling!

  2. There's something different about John A's appearance ... I can't quite put my finger on it. Has he lost weight?

  3. I noticed it too Chris. It something though.....

  4. It was a very misguided carrot that I adopted for the weekend.