Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Trans Iowa started years ago with
Russ Clark and some of his mates riding their road bikes as fast as they could
on Highway #20 from the West to the Mississippi River
It was continued by Europa employees
Wild Men Lee V. and Thad P.
Later Jeff Kerchove and this guy took the event to the gravel
and wrote a new chapter to endurance bike racing

Trans Iowa is always hard - it is suppose to be hard
but the weather and the minimum maintained roads can make the race
nearly impassable
that's nearly impossible.

TI #7 saw our friends
Mike Johnson

Ron SaulAnd Jeremy Fry
join the challenge
And a challenge it was.
They are carrying the bikes on a downhill.
You gotta have one of these???A good looking chase group
with Mike an Jeremy still in the race.
Look at this hill/climb/mountain These pictures are from the camera of Steve Fuller
and many more can be found
And Race Director, Mark Stevenson
has many blog postings here
Feeling salty?
Think about Trans Iowa #8
if there is a TI#8

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