Friday, June 3, 2011


One of our favorite races
one of the premier events in the country

Below is the "SNAKE" in Snake Alley
Here is multi National Champion Charlie Townsend
racing in the 50+ event
Riding in third place is strong guy Chris Eastburn from CR
Chris won this one

Mark Beatty going into the snake in the 40+ race.
This is a beautiful part of this very old town
Richard Gilmore
Mixing it up with the 50+
Mark Considine and Chris Martin - Iowa City guys chasing Richard

Tom's big race of the year
Tom rode hard every lap and was in the mix of the big Cat 5 group

Kat in the Girlie Cat 4's
Lining up with our old friend Karen Stierler
This event draws competitors from all over the Upper Midwest
Kathleen working hard - as always
Grateful for the opportunity to race on such a grand scale
Snake Alley is called a crit or circuit
but it frequently turns into a TT
Here is Steve Tilford
one of the real legends in American bike racing
What's going on?
Click and check out the bike
Steve didn't have the best day
Thanks to Bike Burlington for putting on this excellent race
full results can be found here

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