Tuesday, October 25, 2011


New member of the Spokes
helping with the number platelining up for the start of her second X race

Old pro Alijah Beatty
riding the great course on the shore of
The Coralville Res.
Jumping the barriers

Angie working her way on one of the difficult technical sections

And there is a lot of deep sand
Bobber's Bar and Grill in the background

Here' another new guy to X racing
Chris Ridder from Bike Tech
representing the UNI Racing Team
And Eric Weir from CF in his second X race ever
This guy is going to see a lot of the podium The old gang enjoying the beautiful day and venue
Mark Beatty brought another new guy from Washington
Can he hang on to Landon Beachy's wheel?

Great to see our teammate Scott Duffus
Now working/living in Monona,Ia


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  1. Nice Pics John. Sorry I never got a chance to talk to you guys. Ill be at Spooky Cross this weekend.... -Eric W.