Monday, November 7, 2011


Getting ready for the final TT at Camp Ingawanis
Allen - the race promoter in his truck
Karmen the Trail master of The Camp trying to stay warm - winds were whipping and it was good to be In the Woods on the Day and at this time of year.

Rob Walters a dedicated Camp MTB volunteer officiating
getting ready to send Mike Johnson off

After the racing
giving thanks and recognizing good work.
Eric Wehr - third guy from the left was the winner of the day and
the overall champion for the series
And yellow hoodie guy - Paul Meyermann - our Camp guy - is always there
And we have camel back guy Scott Bradfield - new and exciting MBTer -29er all the way and looking to get more Mtn Biking time in.

Paul, Rob, Allen and 29er Scott - Twisted Spokes lead Sponsor.

Good job on the leaf clearing - anyone can see the line!
So There is still time
get to the woods in at the Camp.  Who is Up for some Dirt Time? Let Us Know!

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