Thursday, November 10, 2011


Devil's Cross continues
Pictures from the last two races of the day

Angie ready to go
lining up at the back of the large group of beginners
She is making tremendous progress and is looking forward to even more
Scott Bradfield starting his first X race of the season
better get started
Jingle Cross is just around the corner
Scott is really enjoying off road riding this time of year
into the woods and out of the weather ...
fun competition tooLandon racing in the Open event
Over the barriers and through the woods

Landon is looking good for the 60-64 Masters Cat at X Nationals
January 4-8 2012
in MadisonWisconsin
We'll all be cheering for him.

Junior Alijah Beatty racing with the big girls in her first Open eventKat's second race of the day
with the Open Women
Mark Beatty in the 3/4 race
after his podium finish -2nd place - earlier in the day with the Masters
A good day for the team and all who participated.

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