Saturday, December 3, 2011


Some of the Masters at the start.
Nearly 1500 entrants
and at one time the largest prize list of any X race in the country
And, I understand that 100% of the entry fees go to
The University Children's Hospital
Do the math - that's some contribution.
The event is run on contributions from sponsors
Landon Beachy had a lot of great racing
He was up against some stiff competition.
One of our former Olympians came in second place in the 50+
Mark Beatty
Racing the huge 45+ group
Both Saturday and Sunday
had very difficult conditions
with cold wet windy trial conditions
And here is Ben Morris
racing the Single Speed Cat on a borrowed bike
Ben had a good time racing, watching the Pros and hanging out.
Looking forward to another year of Cross
The decent down Mt Krumpit

This is what Mt Krumpit did to me on our practice session.
More than three weeks later
Richard Gilmore
Always ready to mix it up

Who's this guy?
A good time
Getting close to State and Nationals

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  1. Good to see all the Twisted Spokes racing, miss seeing John mixing it up though! Are Nationals in the cards John? Looking forward to seeing everyone at State and Nationals!