Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 USA Cyclocross National Championships

John back on the X bike at Nationals.  Long difficult travails but he made it and was it ever great racingA wonderful morning for racing - about 32 degrees - the course conditions changing with each lap going from frozen mud to greasy wet mud. 


Congratulations to John for making it onto the Podium with his 4th place finish in the Master 65-69 National Championship! What an awesome medal. Well done!  More pictures and reports to come from Landon, Kat, Alijah and Mark.


  1. The medal looks awesome and so does the smile John, well done!

  2. Great work John and Kat!!!! You both did great! John, way to come back after that set back and have a stellar race!! Leaves you wanting more I bet!

  3. Way to go, on & all! Those are all amazing results. I'm in for next year.