Sunday, January 15, 2012


More from the National Championships Cross races.
I wish I had some good stories of the action in Madison
About all I have are some cool pictures

Landon Beachy had an excellent race in the 60-64 age group
When we started the race it was frozen icy grass
Landon had one of the most competitive age group of the event
The conditions of the course changed with every lap
with each race
with each day
That's all a part of cross racing
you have to race with whatever you are given
and you can never be completely ready for the conditions
With several health/medical conditions
I felt really lucky to be lining up at the start
I was having trouble shifting, braking, and handling the bike.
I wasn't sure if I was just going to have a good time
in some big time racing
and enjoy one of the most outstanding cities in the country
or race as hard as possible
see what happens
and get a great workout
Maybe the best I could do
was hang out, support the team and watch all the great racing
I hadn't been able to race for over two months
and during that time I rode outside maybe 4 times.
It was a good day
on a great course.
one that suited me.
Landon, Rich and I got a little press from the Milwaukee press.Very glad that get the fourth spot on the podium.
On my best day I may have been able to get third
but the top spot ... probably out of my league.

How can you possibly pass up racing in such a venue.
Regardless of results -
for whatever your goals or reasons
check out this big time racing.
Nationals are going to be back in Madtown in 2013
and WORLDS are to be in Louisville for the next two years
Think about racing in the Memorial Day Weekend races this summer.

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  1. So well done - what an inspiration at all odds! Bring on 2013!