Wednesday, February 1, 2012


2012 Winter training plan includes a few roller races.  One needs to race in at least three different races to be in the running for State Championships.  Fort Dodge was the second race for John and Kat held at Shimkat Motors on Sunday.  John warming up with Sophie in attendance.

John raced twice - the 40+ and the Men Open.  Excellent hard effort both times out.  Takes some commitment to interval training to do this more than once on any given race day.
Sometimes you get something for just showing up and racing no matter what the outcome.  Keeping it  hard regardless.  Kat on the podium getting some lunch money.  And talk about Lunch!  Get a load of the next picture.

The Burrito Special - half pork with the green sauce and half beef with the red sauce.  A side of Beans and some pico de gallo and crema and you've got a lunch to be proud of.  Even prouder - the plate was licked clean!


  1. Nice pics! Thanks for coming over to Fort Dodge for the race. Nice Doggy! Mexican food from here in town?


    1. Yes - the new Mexican restaurant down the street - in a made over old KFC.