Monday, February 27, 2012


Me and my shadow gettin' ready for the big event.
The early season gravel race has come and gone.
Somewhere over 100 racers showed up to test their early season fitness.

CIRREM has a very challenging course.  The distance and the hills are enough - but the weather and road conditions can really make the difference.  This year the weather was very good.


The roads were all over the place. We started out with maybe 10 miles of packed snow and ice. By the  middle section of the race things were wet and rather soft.
And for the last 10 miles - they could not have planned it better - the conditions were hard and fast.  We even had a tail wind and the road leveled out for the finale
Good story and some photos can be found on Dave Mable's Site
 And full results can be found HERE
Good racing.
Our great friend Mike Johnson was in the only other racer from the Valley
or The Spokes to toe the line.

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  1. Great finish John! Way to show the young guys how it's done. Looks nasty.