Monday, March 19, 2012


We spent last week with some of my family in The Hill Country of central Texas.
The weather was outstanding - about a degree or two cooler than it was here in the Cedar Valley.

A picture of the the very nice villa that we rented.  Our teamates in Mallorca would call it a Villa.   I think I'll call it a Villa as well. 
Grand daughter Ava still needs some help with a big bike.  This is a bike I bought from Chris Horner - I'm sure he'd be happy to see that it is still in action.
Joined a few friends and rode the HILLS
Lots of ranch roads like this.  I rode good roads with a lot of elevation.
I was only able to ride two days.  One was looking for Waylan and Willie and the boys.  They weren't in Lukenbach.  The other day was riding SW of our town Boerne.  Went by some upscale real estate.  Was sorry to on have two rides, but the trip was really about ...

My Family  
Next up is a report from our guys enjoying a real training camp in the Mediterranean island of Mallorca.

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  1. Great when you can enjoy both family and biking. Hasn't the weather been something special lately?