Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The Kent Park Road Race has traditionally been the Season Opener for Iowa RR.
It is a veary popular event held on the closed road in the park,
and is limited to approximately 110 racers.

Here we have Rob Haaland and new racer and Spoke Nic Sabatke getting ready for the 4/5 race

Big group of 4/5's

One group of Masters ready to roll in this beautiful park located near Iowa City
Tension at the start
Just before the 50's and 60's were sent off.  In the back are a big group of 25 women ready to test their legs

Nic finishing up his race.
Nic comes to us from Washington, Iowa. He is excited about trying out this sport.  He has an extensive background in foot racing.  Welcome to the team, Nic


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