Friday, March 23, 2012


A lot more pictures from our teammates on the Mediterranean island of Mallorca
 Bikers have to love this kind of picture

 From a tour advertisement.
Mallorca is every cyclist’s dream. Around every bend on this remote Mediterranean island off the Spanish coast, some of the world’s most magnificent vistas greet you. And what better way to explore these magnificent views than on a bike tour with DuVine?
On these virtually traffic-free roads, we’ll cycle through sunny landscapes that are at once serene and remarkably dramatic. Neat rows of orange groves are nestled amidst vast plains, perfect for the beginner cyclist. Up for a challenge? Then join our category climbs among the soaring peaks of the Tramuntana and Alfabia ranges, their rocky slopes spilling into the sparkling sea. Remarkable beauty is just the beginning. Rustic villages and sacred monasteries beguile with their charms and Mallorcans are always close at hand with hearty

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