Tuesday, April 10, 2012


VO2 to the Max
 Pictures and thoughts from Mark Beatty

 Friday, April 6, Alijah and I ventured to Burlington Iowa to do a VO2 Max test that we won in a Raffle drawing at the Bickels Roller Race. Chris Reed of Great River Medical Center's High Performance Program met us in the lobby of the Great River Medical Center and took us to the Performance Center.

Chris did a great job explaining the test and spent time afterwards showing us are results.
 Highly recommended as a great training tool, to focus you workouts!
 In January 2006, Great River Medical Center was elected by USA Triathlon (USAT) as their first regional training center. USAT is the governing body for the multi-sport of triathlon in the United States.
This is the test that tells you if you need to train a lot or train very little to become a good racer.
To become a truly great racer you need both the gifts of talent - from your parents and the willingness to train hard.
Regardless is is a good tool for training purposes.

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