Friday, June 1, 2012

Snake Alley 2012 Master 50s & 60s

Always fun to see Tom Klenske racing in the Twisted Spokes Kit For one of  his "A" races of the season/year. Snake Alley is one hard race but Tom readily toes the line and does very well

Quite an effort here with DMOS and NEW Pioneer putting the pressure on Tom and they haven't even hit the Snake yet. Tom is digging deep here.

This is the 'run up' to the Snake. John there is sticking on the wheel of Bike Burlington's Tom Lambert.
John has passed his guy and is heading for the podium in the Master 60+ race.  Really nice when these big race venues have the many different CATs to make it all the more enjoyable to participate in these historic races.
 Look at that effort - this is the 'false' summit before hitting the Snake Alley Cobbles.

While John has several of those Champion  Bricks and Snakes to his record - after a 2 year hiatus it is So very good to have him back on the podium taking 2nd place at the Snake Alley Critierium.
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Check back soon - as the Quad Cities Crit recap will be posted next. Thanks for reading and Race On.

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