Thursday, November 15, 2012

Chicago Cup Series: Indian Lakes

Last weekend (Nov. 10th&11th) Some of the Twisted Spokes headed to the Windy City Suburbs for two days of fine X racing.  Wind there was as well as rain and thunder and lighting - But warm.  

Saturday started off with the forecast making it seem to be the better day to race.  Dry, warm and breezy while Pre-riding the course and Kat found it mostly flat and bumpy - (really for a golf course)  with a couple of sand traps to clear; and one Short Hill in the middle of the course which was on the Driving range of the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort.  The venue was great and quite accommodating. 

The Pre-ride - Barrier section - a series of 3 switch-backs with barriers at the top of each one. Everyone ran it. Note the dry conditions presently.

Landon Beachy, Alijah Beatty and Kat toed the line to race.  Let's just say the first two did very well 'representing' Twisted Spokes in Fine Form.  Landon won the M60+ closing down the 2nd place guy's previously Undefeated Season.  Way to Go Landon! Following pictures are some shots from Kim Pierce.

Top of the Hill

Landon on the wheel of the 7th Heaven Guy Previously Undefeated for the season whose record would be broken this day.

One of the Sand Trap Sections - All very ride-able.

 The Men's Master's races started just a couple of minutes behind the Women 123s.  Here is the line up shot.  Mostly warm and breezy conditions at the start.  Sun and some blue sky to be seen.

Landon at the Master 60+ line up.
Out of Towners got the back start line-up - Kat checking out the competition from behind.        

Able to climb the only hill on the course every lap before the rain.

And the rains did come - Kat coming into the finish line  area for another lap perhaps before the officials Called done it for the Thunder and Lightning. They would sort out the finishes.

One of the many canine spectators - X racing seems to bring the Dogs Out!

After what was a serious downpour of rain for at least an hour.  On to the next races - the W4s and Jr Races.  Twisted Spokes Jr.Alijah Beatty was ready to race.  

Hard fought racing with the girl in green in front of Alijah - who had the mountain biking skills in the wet turf and mud to make the W.  Alijah 2nd would regroup for Sunday's racing. Great shot by Kim Pierce.

Alijah Cleaning up and shaking off the 2nd place finish.
Soggy Finish - Well done Alijah!!

Sunday was a New Day!
Sunday brought a warm, dry and Windy day.  The iPhone Wind App registered a steady 20mph.  Alijah showing her game face on the way to her Win in Jr. 10-14 race.  Well done and so much fun to see her racing and proud mom and dad running the course for cheers and picture taking.  Where are those pictures??

And Mercy-Specialized Pro - Kevin McConnell joined in the fray Sunday with great tenacity to push the Chicago guys to their top form. Kevin in the lead group from the start - a power course with a tail wind finish. These guys worked tough guy Kevin all the way to the end.  A hard fought 3rd place finish for our Iowa Pro Guy. Great fun to watch.  And look forward to what he does at Jingle Cross 2012!  Check back for more pictures perhaps from Chicago Cup.  There will definitely be reports and pictures from Jingle! Twisted Spokes and UNI Cycling Team members will be lining up for the biggest UCI X races in the mid-west.          

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  1. Good racing, Spokes. Very good to see our team mates do so well in the big time racing of Chicago. Good reporting and photos
    Bring on Jingle Cross