Saturday, January 12, 2013


X Natz - Madison Wisconsin

Thursday line up first thing in the morning brought the Master Men age cats to the line.

Landon Beachy lining up with a very strong group of 60-64 men

Treacherous conditions met the Master Men 60-64 and 65-70 groups as the first races of the day began. 
Rutted, icy, wet, frozen had racers bike skating both on and off the bikes.

Landon was well on his way to chasing down first place. 
He is just a few seconds behind the multi time National Champion Charlie Townsem -
This is all before Landon flatted and some chain difficulty.
Landon still chasing Charlie on the run up after the barriers

The  flat and chain cost Landon some important time
but it sure worked out well.
So proud of Landon's placing on the podium - it was hard fought

A friend, Catherine Wallberg.
After a fall that resulted in a collapsed lung and she still finished 6th
A tough girl
Kathleen Porter getting ready to race the Master Womens

Checking into the starting line gates

Ready to go
Not needing her second bike Kat passes the  Bike Pit.
That's a lot of snow.
 Happy girl - Always riding hard and having a good time 

How about meeting us in Boulder Colorado next year.
Ought to be good.

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  1. Thanks for the pictures. It was one of these days when conditions and fitness converged. What a trip!