Saturday, April 27, 2013

More Kokopelli Trail Reporting - Desert Riding

In the desert we were told that it hardly ever rains.  But it does Snow!  This is the view greeting us in the morning of our first day in the desert.  What?? 
We didn't think snow would be an issue mid-April in the North Fruita Desert. Nor in NE Iowa May2nd too. 

Consulting the map at the Kokopelli trail head loops.  We were told to stay off the 18 Road trails as any moisture would make like cement on ones tires.  COPMOBA who builds, maintains,and supports the wonderful trail system has maps and conditions reports -check them out.

The video clip - boys will be boys - all but the girl had to try to clear this ledge.

The guys all ready to get the party started.

Heading to the Kokopelli trail head.  We met some great riders from California, Connecticut, Oregon, Arizona, North Carolina and beyond.  3 Johns and a Yohn  among them.

Making some time on the dirt road section - finally. 

Getting ready to start the supper rush.  All kitchen and cooking equipment were provided in the tour.  Scott was the team chef and he put together some fabulous breakfasts and dinners. 

Man was it a cccooold morning on day 2.  A longer day in miles but must less technical.  Gorgeous day and it warmed up nicely.


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