Sunday, May 26, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Racing

On a dark and stormy night..... Oh wait - it was a dark and stormy weekend - the Twisted Spokes toed the line at Snake Alley, Melon City and the Quad Cities Crit to race in the rain.

Some pictures first from the Famous Snake Alley in Burlington - Master 60+ racing with John and Landon.  Did we mention it was really wet??

Getting prerace meeting with the officials under cover.

Staging in the rain.

Here we go - starting in the rain.

Racing in the Rain...... and this isn't even the main climb yet!

The Snake

Well done Landon - chasing down the racers for a podium finish.

Finished in the rain... the post race gathering.

And then the next day - racing Melon City.  The day dawned dark, stormy and rainy in Muscatine.  Opting out of a rainy W2/3s race Kat toed the line with the Pro 123s...... gulp!

A few pictures -

Getting to see great racers and friends (Catherine Wahlberg) are part of the fun of these big races.

Switching from W2/3s early morning to racing with the big girls at the drier afternoon start had the girl in the back row - not that that made any significant difference.  It was going to be fast and a long race - 20 laps. Just hoping to hang on for a bit..... not to happen.

There they go - off the back so soon??

Stuck it out for seven laps - then decided to save something - what ever that is - for the Crown Jewel Stage at Rock Island on Memorial Day.

These girls are flying through a 180 degree turn - they are Pros and the best of the rest. Wait - she's still coming along.

Good times at any rate - no better way to shake out the legs.  Congratulations to Alijah winning the W4s and her dad Mark Beatty winning the Master40+4-5s - Racing in the Rain.

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