Sunday, September 1, 2013


Always looking for an adventure - they hooked up

The route map

 On the westward journey they took several extra days to enjoy the vacation time
One stop was to explore the Badlands
I think I can I hear The Boss in the background?

They had the good fortune of meeting up with a friend and associate of Scott's
Tim - who proved to be a great camper and very strong rider.

This was one laid back tour for the Spokes
Good riding - excellent food and support - fantastic roads with big climbs
AND sleeping in until there were only three bikes left in the bike corral.

And a good chance to cool off
And one of the most popular sights in the country
Who you looking at?
Are you looking at ME
The weather and riding conditions were said to be very good
but one day was altered by a near by forest fire 

Picture below - The BEARTOOTH Highway pass going down to Red Lodge MT.  Glad we could have that at least. Amazing.

Red Lodge, MT - BearTooth Mountains on Fire which closed the Beartooth Highway down at the end of the week.  We didn't get to ride the Pass but had the serendipity to get to DRIVE the pass earlier in the week! 

Above - Kat at the requisite Old Faithful Observation Spot.
Below - On the Reservoir Ride around CODY, WY.  In Bear Country - approximately 38 bears spotted by the aerial tracker folks a couple of weeks prior. Bear Aware. Bradfield  & Kat the Last day ride on tour.
Tim is a strong man - and he stayed with Kat all the way
The best strong guy Tim to have on a major bike tour. #Awesomeness and he knows it!
A great tour
For more pictures of Kat and Scott's great adventure

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