Tuesday, October 22, 2013



 Joel Mason and Oakley Night Cap Cross
Joel sent the following thoughts on his first Cyclocross Race

1. Landon Beachy is an animal.
2. Cyclocross is different than any other riding I've done.  The intensity pattern is just something all its own.
3. I think 1 minute intervals is a better training regime than Tabata.  Just my own feeling.  And do as many  as you possibly can on your interval day!  Try to opt for less than one minute recovery in between if possible
4. Bike handling is so important.  Being a novice, I was on the brakes entirely too much.  Other more practiced racers were gliding through hairpins more easily and gracefully and you take an energy hit by not being able to do that.

5. I love straightaways.  I hate hairpins.  I could not get over how many switchbacks were in that course.
6. I love jumping off my bike and jumping over stuff.  I hate getting back on it.
7. Tubulars are awesome.  Even though I rolled my tire, at least I could roll it back on and finish.
Joel's brother Chad in his new kit racing hard after his serious health issues
8. You have to keep some weight on the front tire in turns (on grass).
 9. Don't be afraid to run for a little bit after an obstacle if it helps you get into a better position.  For example, if an obstacle is immediately followed by a switch back, I found it easier just to run through the blasted switch back and remount on a straight away.
10. Grab some air if you can in front of a crowd.  They love that.  Who cares if it costs you a second or two.
11. Overall, other than the switchbacks, I thought it was a really nice course - it didn't beat you up bad at all - quite smooth.
12. I like my Raleigh.  It's not the fastest, but it is quite capable for the price, especially with the new wheels, stem, and seatpost.
13. I intend to race cyclocross again.  I'm thinking about Jingle Cross in November now, again with my brother.  I simply can't race as often as other people because of my life decisions, but I'll do it as much as I can and still maintain the balance I've chosen.
14. My fitness level I thought wasn't too far off.  I probably felt better on laps 4 and 5 than on 2 and 3.  I think maybe I should expect that in the future - don't be surprised if you endure a lap or two when you don't feel good.  Hang in there and you might recover.  I think it was the other elements of the race and certainly my crash that did me in.

I thought my brother Chad did really well, especially since he just got back on the bike this year after his heart problem.  In the 45+, I think he placed 8th out of a large and strong field.

With some healing and practice on the X skills Joel is going to have a lot of success with X.

See you at Jingle Cross

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  1. Joel, Good to see you jump into CX. It's addictive for sure!