Wednesday, November 20, 2013


And in the photographs as well
the following are taken from various sources - most from Dave Mable
One of the outstanding  things about Jingle Cross is having many of the top X pros come to Iowa.
The big boys are off on Friday night.

The Pros fighting it out
And the interesting venue in Iowa City
And certainly the night racing on Friday

 And local favorite Amanda Miller
With a 2nd, 3rd and 4th place finishes in the Pro Cat for the three day event
Of course it is nice to have Jeremy Powers hanging out too
The premiere X racer in the US
 Mt Krumpit is always a big challenge for the racers and spectator draw
 The big fields are awesome to watch
but early in the races the crowds can cause bottle neck
 can you say hole shot.
Jingle is not just for the Pro racers - with 1500 entrants there is a lot of racing for the rest of us.
Our old friend - Brian West showed up for the Pro 1&2 action
Kevin McConnell and Brittany McConnell 
consistently Iowa's top X Races get a chance to mix it up with the big kids
Iowa city racer and ICCC "Honcho" Doc Hobson in the 55+ Cat
A Bamboo frame developed and manufactured by Former Des Moines resident and a former 
National Champion Nick Frey

Having fun, messing and hanging out might be the most important part of Jingle Cross

Having fun!
Yeah, a lot of racers.
Dave  Delperdang
Landon Beachy on the Mt Krumpit run up.
Long time Iowa racer Jim Cochran placed in the always difficult 45+ Cat
Our own Kathleen Porter

And here is Lee V
wait a minute ....
While the conditions were not terrible for the weekend
there is always a certain amount of mess with racing on the grass and dirt.
Good thing the folks from WD40 were on hand to clean up the equipment
Recently WD40 has established quite a presence in the biking scene.
Not your Dad's WD40 any more.
The weekend is really all about having a good time on your bike during the "off season"
The Grinch leading the kids out of the blocks
Results can be found HERE

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