Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Landon Beachy and Kathleen Porter 
represented the Spokes at the 2013 X championships.
We are proud of both racers as they fought for finishes on the Podium.
Congratulations to both.
Along with the pictures Landon sent these good words about his hard earned silver medal.

The race on Sat went pretty good for 5 degrees above 0. Everything felt a little sluggish but that’s to be expected.
Hopson went to the front early and then faded a little to finish 4th. Next Brent Linn gave it a try but soon decided he didn’t want to burn himself out pulling me around so I went to the front. I thought this could be interesting as Brent was riding pretty good. 
When Tom Shultz joined our little group I figured he might be setting me up. We all rode together for a couple laps and I didn’t seem to be able to open up any gaps. Tom took a flyer on the last lap which I couldn’t hang on to but was able to get a gap on Brent which is how we finished.
Tom and Brent are racing 55+ for the first year. I knew that eventually youth would win out but not without a fight.
We had the largest masters field on Sat with 10. Maybe someday there will be a 65+ class.

 The following pictures are of Kathleen and her race where she finished 3rd in the 35+ group and 2nd in the 45+ State Champ group.  Well done.

 Look at Kat chasing down Bananas

Kathleen's thoughts
I was looking forward to the race - just the one older ladies 35+ which was late morning on a frigid day.  Great - Robin Williams is in this race; There goes First place - everyone else racing for second now.  W35+ and W4s raced together My goal was to not get passed by too many W4s and to stay with and hopefully beat two other racers Tara (New Pi) and Sandy (DMOS).  These fine ladies consistently beat me all season much to my consternation and frustration. My sister said that I know how to handle the cold and perhaps that's what helped me.   Conditions were more than Cold but it was dry with very little wind.  I had high hopes coming off a solid training block. I knew the course as State Championships have been at Lions Park in Altoona for several years .  As it was - I had a solid start - it is always a hard drive to the top of the hill on pavement. I could see Tara and Sandy further back in the pack during the switchback sections by the 'Tree.' I kept the pressure on keeping an eye on my two gals and was able to keep ahead of them the whole race. If I didn't have any mistakes or mechanicals - I'd be ok.  But Darn - Brewer Babe from Velo Rosa on a mountain bike chased me down and passed me - there goes 2nd. Each time I passed the finish I could hear the announcers say I was 3rd in the W35+ so I was motivated to keep it going strong. Despite rolling good I got passed by a couple of w4s (crap!). Finished on the podium for the W35+ 3rd place and in the $$; and State Champ Silver W45+.  Double podium doesn't happen often - a first for me.
Check out the full results HERE

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