Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Teammate - Europa employee - music instructor...
had some serious work done.
I'm sure he is off his bike - I hope he can still handle his directing baton.

Keith's account of what is behind this amazing sight -

Short story long about the elbow:

Had a pinched nerve in the elbow that was making fingers go numb, elbow & wrist hurt a lot (as in waking me up in the middle of the night) and it would bother when playing almost any instrument and during and after long rides.  I was even dropping stuff in the kitchen, tools in the garage, just because the hand wasn't working right. So, after many tests and what not the best fix they could come up with was moving the ulnar nerve to the other side of the bone in my elbow so that it would have a more straight line - reminded me a lot of how a straighter cable housing pulls better on a bicycle, too eh?  

Not a real big deal, fairly routine operation.  20-30 minutes.  Well, the surgeon told me the nerve is usually "laying in there kind of like a garden hose across the lawn" but the problem was my nerve was all wrapped up in muscle.  So, the cut had to be way bigger and the procedure took almost an hour and a half. 2 weeks in a splint, now all is almost well and I can get back on the bike Saturday.  

Fingers and even the palm of my hand already feel better.  In my follow up appointment yesterday the doc told me that it is a pretty fluke thing and there's no cause to change anything that I've been doing.  *whew* 

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